About Reiki, Simply

Everything is energy. Get the good kind in ya!


“I’m an urban holistic who loves making it easy for anyone to release, heal, and expand.”

Glow Forth Reiki Owner and Lead Practitioner, Jordana Meade, San Francisco, CA


Science has taught us that everything is energy. Even a seemingly stagnant object like a rock is made of subatomic particles (elections and protons) that are continually in motion.

When energy is stagnant, or barely moving, disease and discomfort can set into the body. These imbalanced energies also create unpleasant difficult patterns, habitual behaviors, and experiences in our life.  An energy medicine practitioner can identify the stagnant areas, release it, and allow vital life force energy to move in the physical body.

Glow Forth Reiki Owner and Lead Practitioner Jordana Meade is attuned to the master level through the Usui Japanese lineage. Whether it’s relief from migraines to digestive disorders, reduction of anxiety to career stagnation, or the “ah-ha” realizations behind their old relationship patterns and more, Jordana loves seeing people bring the glow back to their life through the power of reiki.

Reiki is perfect for ANYBODY who wants to let go and create authentic experiences in romance, partnership, friendship, self-love, purpose, career, health, money and more. In a light and supportive, yet powerful space (and usually set to a cosmically cool soundtrack), you just sit back, relax, release and luxuriate.


The year of you!

You know you’ve always wanted to try reiki! In a safe, approachable space, finally clear your conscious and subconscious patterns sabotaging you from creating healthy and authentic experiences. And yes, it feels incredible. Let’s get started!


Go Deep, Vibe Higher

*Recommended for New Clients* 90 Mins ($444.00)


Ready to Release and Glow

60 Mins ($333.00)