Happy Clients


Alongside her deep connection to energy healing, reiki, and grounding, Jordana is also able to offer practical tips and solutions for your life journey in the moment. I could literally feel energetic openings occurring as she worked with/on me. The work she did with me and the insights she provided have given me greater confidence in my own intuition and a boost that will allow me to progress more rapidly as I continue to work on clearing some of my blocks. Her insights were very on target around some energies and impressions I had been carrying with me from some painful experiences in childhood and  the clearing and deleting she performed for me will be a great help in moving me further along the path and allowing me to increase my vibration much more rapidly.

Finally, Jordana is a consummate professional. She was prepared, on time, and easily able to communicate her insights with me in terms that were understandable and practical. I am definitely planning to work with Jordana again. Book your session today - you won't regret it. 

Damon P., Oakland, CA


Jordana is the TRUTH; the REAL DEAL.  Today was my second ever Reiki session, and i feel SEEN and UNDERSTOOD in a completely different way.  I came away from my session today feeling more empowered to trust mySELF and my guides than I have ever felt before.  Jordana seemed to tap in SO easily to my true self, my true frequency and my nature, which is pure love.  What a feeling! I am so looking forward to our next session, which i expect will provide me with an even deeper connection to ALL THAT IS, a deeper connection to self, and a deeper desire to manifest what it is i am here to do.  Thank you Jordana.

-Maureen, Oakland, CA 


“I had a Reiki session with Jordana and came out feeling completely open and revitalized. She dove into some things that I hadn't really allowed to surface and helped put me on a path of letting go. I will definitely be back and highly recommend for anyone looking for energy healing at any level.”

Jae H., oakland, ca.


“Jordana is energized, playful, and grounded all at the same time. She recognized energy within me that I hadn't acknowledged in a long time. My session with her was a true gift. Thank you.”

— Lajuanda a., Berkeley, CA


“I left feeling a lot lighter and ready to vibe on a higher level. Jordana is a lovely practitioner who is calming and explained everything in a way I could understand and actually make strides to receive what I need.”

lauren p., portland, or


“The mini-bliss experience was such a nice quick reset! The topic I’d chosen to think about what was money and it really had me thinking about how I respond to and react to it – she created a super space that felt very low-key and unweighted. No pressure. A question rather than a statement. It made it really easy for me to be truthful with myself – which I, like many of us, sometimes find hard to do. Would absolutely do a full session in the new year!”

— Chi r., Oakland,ca