About the Experience

Led by Alternative Health Leader and Intuitive Healer Jordana Meade, your innermost blocks and hard-wired patterns causing your deepest pains will be identified and removed


ABOUT intuitive leader JORDANA

Busting stale patterns, rebalancing emotional and physical ailments, reconnecting folks to their authentic selves: all in a happy-day’s work for Intuitive Healer Jordana.

A speaker, leader, practitioner, and student in the holistic and energetic arts for decades, Jordana is a meditation teacher a reiki practitioner attuned to the master level through the Usui Japanese lineage, and certified yoga instructor who has studied and taught throughout Australia, Asia, and Central and North America. 

The perfect bridge between conventional and alternative health approaches to wellness, Jordana is an urban-holistic who uses her background as a corporate executive to influence her dynamic approach of blending powerful ancient practices to the contemporary. This makes her sessions approachable and understandable for ANYONE at any level looking to release, heal, expand, grow and glow.

Jordana grew up in a conventional household and was a sickly child who frequently caught colds, developed skin rashes, and silently suffered from crippling anxiety.  Always in search for answers, Jordana stumbled upon this thing called “meditation” nearly 20 years ago, and this started her journey of using holistic energetic practices to heal her everyday aliments of any size.

Jordana’s greatest joy is seeing her clients reawakened and empowered, relieved and relaxed, at peace and with purpose, immediately after a session with her.


“My greatest joy is seeing my clients reawakened and empowered, relieved and relaxed, at peace and with purpose, immediately after our sessions.”

Glow Forth Reiki Owner and Lead Practitioner, Jordana Meade, San Francisco, CA


About the experience

Transformational yet approachable. Powerful yet luxurious and fun. The Glow Forth Reiki experience is a fresh, powerful approach to heal, release, destress, get answers, level up, grow, glow, and treat yourself.

 Set in a breathtaking and tranquil healing loft overlooking the signature San Francisco hill top neighborhood of Potrero Hill, a session begins with a safe, focused consultation about your greatest desires; where you’d like to focus: pain relief, health improvement, relationships, career, life purpose, stress, family, money empowerment or just keep it general. Followed by a grounding meditation to achieve ultimate relaxation, you just sit back and enjoy as Jordana gets to work.

Excavating Your Gunk Never Felt This Good
Using the ancient chakra system as a guide, stagnant energy and the specific reasons why it’s stuck for you will be identified. Using her master abilities and training in clairvoyance and intuition, Jordana will take a deep dive into the root of each block to uncover answers, safely revealing and clearing you of forgotten, hidden emotions, experiences, and beliefs that are still dictating your life today.

As those energies are released and replaced by a revitalizing free flow, you’ll usually start to immediately feel physically and emotionally lighter, grounded, empowered, and ultimately able to create more purposeful, positive, conscious paths toward the experiences you do want.  After specific healing energies are applied, the session will complete with a personalized post-treatment plan giving you tangible tools to continue your leveling up at home.

This is perfect for ANYBODY who wants to let go and create authentic experiences in romance, partnership, friendship, self-love, purpose, career, health, money and more. In a light and supportive, yet powerful space (and usually set to a cosmically cool soundtrack), you just sit back, relax, release, and luxuriate.    

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Glow Forth Reiki offers two transformational sessions: “Go Deep, Vibe Higher” (recommended for new clients) and “Ready to Release and Glow.” Click here to get started with booking your session.


The year of you!

You know you’ve always wanted to try reiki! In a safe, approachable space, finally clear your conscious and subconscious habitual patterns sabotaging you from creating blissful, healthy, and authentic experiences. And yeah, it will feel incredible. Let’s get started!


Go Deep, Vibe Higher

*Recommended for New Clients* 90 Mins ($444.00)


Ready to Release and Glow

60 Mins ($333.00)