Let Go. Rebalance.Revitalize.


Whether it’s relief from migraines or digestive disorders, reduction of anxiety or career stagnation, you will experience powerful healing. Finally release old patterns and pains. Sessions are personalized and focus on life’s areas you’d like to make radiate: Health, Relationships, Career, Purpose, Family, Money. And yeah, it feels incredible.


“I came out feeling completely open and revitalized. She dove into some things that I hadn't really allowed to surface and helped put me on a path of letting go.”

Jae H., Oakland, CA


About Glow Forth Reiki

Fun. Luxurious. Powerful. Led by SF-based Reiki Master and Alternative Health Intuitive Healer Jordana, your hidden and haunting blocks will be identified and removed from the root out…


“She recognized energy within me that I hadn't acknowledged in a long time.My session with Jordana was a true gift. Thank you.”

– Lajuanda A., Berkeley, CA


“I left feeling a lot lighter and ready to vibe on a higher level.”

-Lauren P., Portland, OR


The year of you!

If you’ve tried everything or you’re not quite sure where to begin, you deserve an alternative that immediately delivers clarity, comfort, and powerful success. From physical pains and disorders to external desires in career, relationships and more, Jordana’s clients are those who are open and ready to actually heal now; they’ve decided now is the time to step into a life that glows from the inside-out. This can be achieved through the branded alternative healing techniques of Glow Forth Reiki.

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